Harrison Roadhouse Drink Menu

On Tap

Short’s “Soft Parade” (Bellaire, MI)
Fruit Beer 5.7% Pint – $6
Short’s “Soft Parade Shandy”(Bellaire, MI)
Fruit Beer 7.5% Pint – $6
Tapistry “Reactor” (Bridgman, MI)
IPA 7% Pint – $6


Saugatuck “Pumpkin Chai”(Saugatuck, MI)
Spice Ale 6.5% Pint – $6
Lagunitas “Lucky 13” (Petaluma, CA)
American Strong Ale 8.6% Pint – $7
Greenbush “Brother Benjamin” (Sawyer, MI)
Imperial IPA 10.1% Snifter – $5

Starcut Ciders “Octorok” (Bellaire, MI)
Cider 6.9% Pint – $6
Ellison Brewery “Rustic Saison” (East Lansing, MI)
Saison 7.0% Pint – $6
Founder’s “Sumatra” (Grand Rapids, MI)
Imperial Brown Ale 9.0% Snifter – $5
Bell’s “2 Hearted” (Kalamazoo, MI)
IPA 7.0% Pint – $6
Darkhorse “Slasm” (Marshall, MI)
Imperial IPA 9.0% Pint – $7


Founder’s “Breakfast Stout” (Grand Rapids, MI)
Imperial Stout 8.3% Snifter – $5
Left Hand “Milk Stout NITRO” (Longmont, CO)
Sweet Stout 6.0% Pint – $6
MountainTown “Peach Gruit NITRO” (Mt Pleasant, MI)
Spice Ale 5.8% Pint – $6

Alaskan Brewing “Jalapeno IPA”  (Juneau, AK)
Stout 6.4% Pint – $6
Perrin “Q Stew Light Lager” (Comstock Park, MI)
APA 4.6% Pint – $5
Short’s “Noble Chaos” (Bellaire, MI)
Oktoberfest 5.6% Pint – $6
Founder’s “Devil Dancer” (Grand Rapids, MI)
Triple IPA 12.1% Snifter – $7
Jolly Pumpkin “Saison Z” (Dexter, MI)
Saison 7.7% Snifter – $7

Liberty Street “Red Glare” (Plymouth, MI)
Amber Ale 5.2% Pint – $6
Bud Light (St. Louis, MO)
Pale Lager 4.2% Pint- $3.75 Mug- $4.75
Miller Lite (Milwaukee, WI)
Pale Lager 4.2% Pint- $3.75 Mug- $4.75
Labatt (Ontario, CAN)
Pale Lager 5.0% Pint- $3.75 Mug- $4.75
Tito’s “Roadhouse Mule” ON TAP!


Ellison Brewery “Sassy Blonde”, Arbor “Mr. Delicious”, Bell’s “Oracle”


$8 for any 4 beers.


$18 Dollar Fill on any $6 pint.
$10 per empty growler.
We can fill outside growlers.

Wine List


Leese-Fitch ’14 (California)


Mojo Cellars ’13 (California)


Kungfu Girl ’14 (Washington)


Flore de Moscato (California

Red Zinfandel

Poizin ’14 (California)

Pinot Grigio

E:100 Per Cento ’12 (Italy)

Cabernet Sauvignon

Dante ’13 (California)

Pinot Noir

Domaine De Achellery ’09 (France)

Sauvignon Blanc

Manos Negras ’13 (Chile)

 *Ask your server about our feature red/white wine of the month.

Specialty Drinks

Mackinac Island

New Holland Knickerbocker Gin, Valentine Vodka, New Holland Freshwater Rum, house made sour syrup, and a coke float


Great Lakes Gimlet

New Holland Knickerbocker Gin, fresh squeezed lime, and our house made citrus syrup


Michigan Ave Martini

Valentine Vodka, Contratto’s Bianco Vermuth, and bleu cheese stuffed olives


Michigan Mojito

New Holland Freshwater Rum, fresh squeezed lime, mint and a splash of coke


E.L. Sling

New Holland Knickerbocker Gin, pineapple juice, fresh squeezed lime, splash of grenadine, topped with soda


Craft Cocktails

Mai Tai

White Caribbean Rum, house-made citrus syrup, fresh squeeed lime, splash of grenadine, and a Bermuda Black Rum float

Old Fashioned

Bulleit Kentucky Straight Bourbon, dash of bitters, muddled with sugar, orange and a cherry

Roadhouse Mule

Tito’s Handmade Vodka, house-made ginger syrup, fresh lime juice, and topped with soda

The Caipirinha

Leblon Brazilian Sugarcane Rum, muddled with half a lime and sugar

Perfect Manhattan

Bulleit Bourbon, equal parts of Contratto’s Bistro and Rosso Vermuth, and a dash of bitters